Works for Me: Summer Fun Bag

 Well today is the day! It is the last day of school for the kids of the Toronto District School Board! Woohoo! Roo is done with grade 4! As a grading present one of the things that works for me is a summer fun bag…what’s that?

Well I fill a backpack with everything Roo needs for summer fun, and I did it without breaking the bank too. Bought her a new backpack for $5 (on sale-gotta love clearance) and then bought the stuff to fill it. This year the pack includes: a new swimsuit(another clearance find), new flip flops(on sale), a set of Nerf balls and guns, a water gun, tattoos, bubbles and chalk…..everything to keep a ten year old content and playing this summer!

For me the idea of a summer fun bag simply works. The contents keep her content and busy playing for at least the first few days of summer. It is a fun way to start the summer off with a bang!

Now I am off to read what is working for everyone else this week here..


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3 Responses to “Works for Me: Summer Fun Bag”

  1. texasknights Says:

    Fun idea. It wouldn’t last long around here but I like the idea for the first day of summer – as a Happy Summer gift for each kid.

  2. Audra Marie Says:

    Hmmm – maybe rotating what’s in the bag through the summer would keep it fresh? Fun idea. 🙂

  3. SAAM Says:

    Great, great idea!!!!

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